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Jest Design It Face Painting Practice Board Kit (3 Boards)

Jest Design It Face Painting Practice Board Kit (3 Boards)
Brand: Jest Paint
Product Code: JPDB100
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: AU$54.95

This is the ultimate face painting practice kit. This kit includes:

  • 3 semi translucent plastic (frosted) Jest Design It practice boards, each measuring approx 13" by 10". These boards are less translucent than the the ones sold by other brands, which means that you won't see so much of the surface underneath the board (less distracting and better for pictures).
  • The first board has 2 kid faces (front view)
  • The second board has one adult face (front view) and a grid to practice your symmetry, teardrops, swirls, etc.
  • The third board has 2 kid faces (right and left side views).
  • 2 different sheets of paper with an adult and a kid face (front views) including guide lines to help you achieve a perfect design. Sheets come inside a sheet pouch for protection. You can put these sheets under the boards and use the guide lines provided to help you build a great design.
  • Instruction Sheet
  • The kid faces are approximately 6" tall by 4.5" wide.
  • The adult face is approximately 7.5" tall by 5.5" wide.

IMPORTANT: We may have to ship this product loosely folded in a box. If your boards have a slight a curl to them when they arrive, simply set a heavy object on top of them overnight to flatten them out. When painting, paint on the non printed side so that you can wipe your board clean over and over without compromising the printing. Do not scratch the back of the boards. To use the other sheets simply put the sheet you want inside the pouch provided, tape the pouch to the back of the board, and then you can just paint on your board using the guidelines taped beneath it.

Cleaning and Care Instructions

In order to keep your practice boards looking nice, clean after each use. Start by applying liquid soap onto the board before using any water. Once you have rubbed the soap, rinse well with water. Over time slight ghost stains may develop, these can be cleaned using a magic eraser!

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